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Fibre Pillow

Fibre Pillow

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Product of Onlybeds Home Furnishing

They offer comfort feeling for the head and can be hand-washed and dried, unlike many other types of pillows, and dry relatively quickly. It is hypoallergenic and lightweight, which make it ideal for our hot weather and all users. This is an essential staple for every household.

 Cover: 100% Cotton with Anti-Dustmite Treatment

  • Fillings: Premium Polyester Fiber - 850g

  • Benefits: Highly Insulated, virtually weightless - High performance, ultra thin polyester.

  • Comfortable & Dry

  • Hand Washable 

  • Medium Support

  • Special Pillow fluff filling sinks more in the center where your head rests, while leaning comfortably under your neck where you need it.

  • Easily remove and store away filling to adjust pillow loft.
  • Be fluffed and achieve your desired pillow loft and shape.

  • Breathable pillow that allows airflow throughout the pillow, keeping you cool and fast asleep throughout the night.

  • Durable Pillow fluff maintain its volume and soft for years and years.


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